Beware of Egocentric, Flashy, or In the Moment (short-term) “Solutions”

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With the growth of technological advances and the quick “know it all” instructional videos that make everyone an expert in 5 minutes or less, well… everyone knows how to do EVERYTHING.

There is no way to argue that the internet has valuable information to help pick and choose what information best suits your business. Like this blog for example. I am just another person explaining my perspective and elaborating on my issue regarding people or teams that push non-sampled or tired ideas that have little to no substantial backing. Customizing a marketing strategy and accounting for the unique challenges and advantages of each and every business is not a thing to “cookie cut”.  There is no glorified, glittery, blanket approach for how to bring customers to your business.

I have seen it time and time again. A new and excited startup team meets with a new potential client and they come in charged with “new ideas” that DON’T include integrated solutions to maximize appropriate online exposure to then generate interest that leads to calling or contacting a business, to then achieve the ultimate goal… increased sales and revenue. What is the point in bringing “ideas” to the table that are empty of substance or are not rooted in research, principles, or best practices?

Now, don’t get me wrong, fresh and creative ideas may come to all of us in seconds, minutes, hours, or like they come to me, right before bedtime which then causes me to stay up a little longer to research a bit more to support the idea(s) to then develop my strategy.  I will say that I am in no way disqualifying individuals that take the time to put the client first and make the effort to understand the client from the inside out. I would claim these people as my “amigos” that are client centered and client focused.

I know I am not the only one that possesses these ideas, skills and talents, but I’ll admit that smart solutions are more than just part of my job… it’s a part of who I am and what you will get when working with us.  Beware of the “here today, gone tomorrow” teams or individuals that call themselves “gurus”.

Let’s sift out the bull. Give us a call for an initial 30 minute in-person meeting or Google hangout call. We are ready to learn more about your business.