The Rule of 3

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Business consulting seems grueling, right? RSP.Marketing makes it easy by applying the rule of 3. It may seem like elementary, but looking at your business is just like counting. Follow along, it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Business consulting seems grueling, right? Looking at yourself or your business is always the hardest look to give. Our highly equipped consultants are ready to begin the analysis process. But, first let’s look at 3 simple rules. 

RSP.Marketing makes it easy by applying the rule of 3. It may seem like elementary, but looking at your business is just like counting. Follow along, it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! 

Your Customer

Who is your business? Yes, you read that correctly. By asking “who” we are getting you to think of your customer. Who is your customer?

For many, the default answer is simple, “buyers”! Although, we intend to have buyers, we also need to apply the science of demographic filtering and qualifying your prospective buyers. Understanding this science may help you sift out what is “not working”. 

Your Product or Service

So, what do you do? This is not a pick up line, but a very important question. What is your product or service? What makes your product or service different? As a business, if you build it, make it, do it, then they will come, right?  This would be a splendid utopian wonder.  If it were that easy, we would all be millionaires the very first time we had a lemonade stand, washed cars, or sold our baseball cards.

Knowing your product or service takes an in depth look at what you are providing and if there is a need in the market. Are you relevant? What will you charge for what you do? Rule number 1 must meet rule number 2. Now on to 3. 

Your Landscape

If you build a snow cone stand in a sub zero climate, will you bring in the big bucks?  Know your area. Know who is in your area. Know what your competitors do in your area. Now let’s look back at you. Do you fit in? Are you providing something everyone else is? If it is different, is it a good different or a non-responsive different? Benchmarking your competitive landscape is not only your “you are here” arrow, but a place to understand where you need to be… 2 steps ahead of the game. 

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RSP.Marketing is a full service digital media agency that works with business to fulfill their marketing goals and push their businesses forward. 

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