Is Business Slowing Down? 10 Things to Do When Business is Slow.

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If you know that your business is slowing down, or hitting a sales slump... You’re going to have to make these things happen.

Evaluate Your Revenue Streams

Evaluate your current revenue stream and then take a moment to discover new ones.  If your business has multiple products and services, you may want to enhance your earning potential by expanding on your current base. 


Work on Your Website

Work on your website.  If you don’t have one, we can help. Websites often take quite a bit of time to develop, so if you don’t know how to fully develop an effective website or don’t have the creativity or time, Contact us! We’ll always make time for you!


Evaluate Your Customer Service

Let’s look at your customer service. Is there something that you can add to your service? Is there an opportunity for improvement? Take the time to look at your customer reviews and you will see what you need to do.


Make a Marketing Plan

Make a plan for your marketing.  Google, Apple, McDonald’s and Starbucks still spend on marketing their business every single second of the day. No one should “sit it out” when it comes to marketing. Look at your budget or allocate your budget.  Consider affordable options that will provide more bang for your buck!  Suggestion: Digital media is a relevant, cost effective option. 


Learn Something New

We can never stop learning. With that being said, learn a new skill or provide a new service. Maybe you want to have a stronger handle on your accounting software or you would like to learn more about managing your inventory.  Wherever your focus may be, make it fun to learn something new. 


Evaluate Your Expenses

Review your sales, accounts, expenses, and payroll. Get organized early for tax season.  Learn about our Digital POS Systems. This may be your digital organizer all in one. 


Take Care of Yourself

Take time to find your center. It’s easy to get lost in your business. Try to find yourself again, if even for a short period of time. You may need this time to regroup and re-strategize. 


Stay Positive

Stay positive. Try not to let slow business periods bring you down. Take this time to stay busy with future planning. Do not be idle… stay focused and busy. 


Keep It Clean

Clean up your workspace and find a Zen like feel for your operation. Clean your desk, counter, keyboard, register, or supply closet.  De-cluttering can also apply to your thoughts that may be hindering your business. 



Show off a bit. Let your family and friends know about your business. Let them know about what keeps you so busy.  Let them know about any upcoming changes and new ideas.  Solidify your base support network.