5 Reasons Why Your Business May Have Bad Online Ratings and Reviews

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Online ratings and reviews are the modern day “word of mouth”. People like to talk and well… you have given them a reason to. Let’s explore 5 top reasons why you just got an unfavorable report card.

Your website is out of date or non-existent.

People are searching online for products or services that they are ready to buy.  Online visitors hate feeling lost, confused, misled, redirected, or just plain bored.  Give them something worth visiting. Enhance the visitor experience. Compel them to contact you for a service or product you provide, and not have them talk bad about you for having a bad website.


Expired offers.

Having an offer on Facebook, Twitter, or your website that is expired is reason enough to be put off. If you saw a great offer only to see that it is expired, wouldn’t you be pretty upset? 
Honor the offer until you remedy the situation to avoid bad reviews.


Change of Address.

Time is valuable to everyone and not having your business listed correctly on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines can be problematic, not to mention negligent, if your business has moved, changed it’s address, or has an error on the digital maps.  If a customer has driven to this location and can’t find you, you know what they are thinking… on to the next!


Bad Customer Service

A customer’s experience should be paramount for any business. Customer acquisition can be expensive. It makes no sense to catch them just to release them. You will more than likely hear about this if your customer service issue is not resolved.


Bad Service or Product

Would you be upset if your food was brought to your table flavorless or cold or if your shirt was wrinkled after taking it to the dry cleaners? Who wouldn’t? Don’t merit an unfavorable review for a lack of quality control.  Take pride in what you do and you will reap stellar reviews.

Your reputation really does matter and it can help or hurt your business’s reputation.  Don’t let online chatter hinder your growth efforts.

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